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Kids: I love you with all my heart - Go Here.

Attorneys: Read Our Story, and then Email Me if interested in our case.

Witnesses and Other Victims: I am seeking witnesses for my cases in Nicollet County and Le Sueur County Minnesota and in Jefferson County Colorado. And, I would like to connect with other victims in Minnesota and Colorado and list your cases in my correspondence to higher authorities. If you can be of help to my family or if I can be of help to your family, please Email Me.

This site describes crimes that were committed against my family in a "fixed" divorce in Colorado. Click on the 'Perjury and Fraud' and 'Domestic Violence Scams' pages above to see evidence of some of the crimes committed by my ex-wife, her friends, her attorney, the judicial officials and the court-appointed Child and Family Investigator. To read more about the crime sprees in Colorado or Minnesota: / 

To Everyone Around the World: I am a loving and fit father of five and I haven't seen my children for over 5 years. We are victims of case fixing in the family law field and the child support program, and in the criminal justice system. Judges and magistrates all across the United States and around the globe are purposely destroying families and getting rid of one of the parents, usually the "bread-winner", so they can jack up child support orders and increase their federal funding for their divorce related programs. A multi-billion dollar per year 'Divorce Industry' has been created. Nearly everything I had from 25 years of back-breaking work, worth over $2 million, was taken from me. I was falsely arrested 4 times and forced to move away from my family to protect myself. I have reported the crimes to several state and federal authorities, but am running into more and more corruption as I go. It's like reporting a hitman to the mafia and sometimes is met with a very hateful response. If you know of anything I can do, please let me know.

To Everyone in My Children's Community: Please stop buying into the mother's false accusations of domestic violence. I have never touched her in a mean way. She made it all up to take advantage in her divorce, which she secretly planned during our 22-year relationship. Go here to see for yourself. She filed for divorce right after she found out that I had paid off the final mortgage on our 27-acre property and has been 'laughing all the way to the bank' ever since. The children have never meant anything more to her than just as a means to a bigger child support check. Would a good mother alienate five kids from their father? Of course not! I haven't been able to talk to my children this entire school year. Recently, I discovered that the brainwashing by other adults is much worse than I originally imagined. Most of you are good parents and if you have ever done anything to encourage my children to stay in touch with me I really appreciate it; but some of you gullible hate mongers should at least be locked up. You know who you are - Stay away from my kids and remember: Sooner or later, each of my kids will grow up and want to know the truth and I'm sure they will share all that their mother and her friends did and said to them to show them how much they hated their father. And, when I get confirmation of who was hiding my things at their homes during the appraisals and who was holding my kid's homework during my parenting time weekends and who was scheduling my kids for activities all over the map during my parenting time and who was participating in the parental kidnappings and parental alienation schemes at the schools and church, etc., you can expect a subpoena or summons. ANY parent that would participate in an activity to strain a relationship between a child and one of their parents should go to jail for a few years and I will do my best to put you there.

Did you fall for the rumors? Don't feel bad. Most people, including myself, would instantly come to the aid of a mother of five claiming to be a victim of spousal abuse or of a "deadbeat dad" evading his child support obligation, or her children being victims of an "abusive and neglectful father". But please know now that it is all an act in this case. This mother has been crying on everyone's shoulder with her tall tales for years to get their sympathy. It was all in preparation for her long-awaited divorce and the scam was so successful that now she is even teaching our children how to get false sympathy from the public. Her rumors are dispelled throughout this website. The biggest scam currently regards child support. 


Help Stamp Out Bias and Hate Mongering in Our Community             

     Hatred and bias should NEVER exist in our schools, churches, sports leagues, or any other place where children are. I've spent a considerable amount of time over the past 5 years just trying to get on and stay on the mailing lists for my children's activities. Someone, most likely at the Middle School, keeps taking me out of the system. I usually get one set of report cards and then have to call the school again to have my contact information re-entered. You know who you are - Why don't you do us all a favor and QUIT!  Same to you at the soccer club and Girl Scouts - thanks for excluding me all these years. This even happens at the church where my children have to witness the outright hatred of their father by several false Christians. If you like this sort of thing, give each other high-fives, but stay away from my kids.

     To All the Good Parents: If you see a parent or any other adult doing something to strain a relationship between a child and one of their parents, report them and tell the target parent about it. Many times, these hate acts are being carried out right in front of the children of the broken family and possibly right in front of your children too. Help stop the hate. If you have suggestions or know something that would help my kids, email me

Families Are Fragile!

Parents get only one chance to raise their children and children only get one childhood. Make it a good one - for them.

Attacks on our families come from several different directions these days. If you ever witness someone turning a child against one of their parents, report it to the police and to the target parent.

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse.

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The Latest:

I called repeatedly for my children last school year at their home and on two cell phones, but was only able to talk to my oldest son once last Thanksgiving. I called the High School last Spring to have him paged and after talking to two rude gals in the office, I got a call back from his Counselor saying that he was in her office, but didn't want to talk to me. I explained the situation in detail and asked her repeatedly to tell my son that I just wanted to talk to him for a minute and tell him that I loved him. Her answer to that was "No, he's made it clear he doesn't want to talk to you", and when I persisted, she said right in front of him: "I'm going to hang up".
C'mon Counselors! You know better than that. When a parent tries as hard as my ex to exclude the other parent from the lives of their own children, report it - it's CHILD ABUSE! Don't you know how damaging it is to kids? Do you know about the alarming statistics of suicide in fatherless families? As a Counselor, you should! Why don't you encourage kids in divorced families to maintain a good relationship with both parents? You don't need a PhD to figure it out; all it takes is some common sense!

Children need both parents!